Iconic Excellence Must Be Engineered!

Iconic Excellence Must Be Engineered!

Marshall Wayne is a secret agent who regularly goes undercover to deconstruct then reconstruct his client's Iconic Presence! Serving primarily elite clientel, The Agency specializes in high end marketing campaigns that Maximizes Excellence of his clients and their products & services.

Marshall's Passion for uncovering unique beauty where others fail to see it has earned his clients millions of dollars and helped hundreds of homeless people through the creativity and benevolence of Marshall and the Agency. Listen to this episode of the Maximize excellence show and decode the secret forces that attract BIG opportunities to your life. In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The secret to finding beauty in the world
  • How to Capture Inspiration and create a revenue stream
  • What The Antithesis of Creativity is
  • When and where Marshall quick changes ideas into new clients (it's not a phone booth)
  • How Marshall used a camera to create a non-profit outreach

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One of the things I like best about interviewing successful people is learning what you took away from it to help you Maximize Excellence in your life:

Here's a Question: What is it that Inspires you to do good (helping the less fortunate, creating good ideas, earning money)?

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In this episode we mentioned the following resources:

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dan Kennedy

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Joe Hicks is an experienced business leader, working entrepreneur, adjunct professor of business. More importantly, Joe is a Husband, Father, Grandfather (his grandkids call him PawPaw) and a guy that loves helping his friends.  Read more about him here.

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