Learn The Hidden Secret Of Generosity Average People Just Don’t Understand

When you give to others, It will soon be true,
that the very hand you give with leads directly back to you!
So give to those you love, and to those who hate you too,
Give to those less fortunate, for they will give back too,
Not in coin or fortune, but with undying gratitude.

That is The Hidden Secret Of Generosity Average People Just Don't Understand.

You will receive abundance for your giving. The more you give, the more you will have.”

-W. Clement Stone

Being generous has an enate force of opportunity attraction.

Think about it, giving brings us together and paying sets us apart. You’re willing to drive across the country or even the world to take a gift to a friend.

Expecting nothing (often hoping for nothing) in return. Yet, with every mile trekked you feel more and more excitement. The anticipation keeps building because of you get to show your friend how you feel about them.

Not only show them how you feel in that moment they receive your gift. But how you felt when you used creativity to choose just the right gift.

You get to show how you felt when you used vision and planned exactly, how you orchestrated the exchange.

And of course, they get to see the intentionality you employed to carry out your plan in perfect detail, ensuring every point was touched upon.

Paying, on the other hand, sets us apart. Mind you, it even has the potential to drive us apart!

Paying is always preceded with an expectation of value. And expectations set us up for the possibility of disappointment.

Using that same scenario, If you drive across town to pay for something and it’s not what you expected, you feel slighted.

You’re naturally disappointed. You’d never have gone to the effort in the first place if you did not have an expectation.

Does this mean we should give everything away for free?  Hardly, not!

But if giving brings with it, no expectations. There is therefore, no potential for disappointment when someone gives something to you.

When selling, the very, transaction brings with it an expectation. It's that expectation, that automatically changes the emotions surrounding the exchange. That’s why most people enjoy giving more than they enjoy receiving. It just feels better.

So, how can we harness that same positive energy for people on both sides of a transaction, in a scenario where we get paid?

Let’s flip the script. Let's attempt to neutralize the expectation effect and provide extreme, value with whatever commodity we're selling.

Furthermore, let's make the expectation, one brought into the equation by you instead of your customer or buyer.

Regardless of the commodity sold whether it's a product, service or even your time. Think of it as a gift you're giving your customer or employer.

You can do this by applying the same forces of opportunity attraction you used when you gave your last amazing gift.

Let the effort you expend, while you're doing your job or creating a new product, incorporate as many of the 7 forces as possible.

By doing this ahead of providing your service, you'll “automagically” infuse the sale with “the feel” of giving a gift.

This happens because you’re adding value to your customer through your service. It’s not about being able to charge more for it. That shouldn't be the motive. Because remember, you flipped the script.

The idea here is to add value to the service you provide as a gift, ahead of any expectations your customer may have.

That’s not to say, people won't pay more for it. You'll eventually find, they will pay more. The additional pay comes in the form of repeat business, referrals, salary increases, or even bonuses.

When you give extra value as a gift, your efforts will endear your customer to you.

Because giving is preceded by grace (unmerited favor). Grace brings with it warmth and a feeling of connection. It stands to reason, giving draws us closer; even if you and your customer are strangers.

Connection is one of the Four Pillars of Opportunity Attraction. It’s connection, which evokes the law of reciprocity. And the law of reciprocity perpetuates a willingness to support the giver. Thereby, attracting BIGGER, better opportunities to you.