Coaching Packages

Coaching empowers a person to find and fulfill their full potential. Each package will include a strategy session to reveal the client's passions, uncover who you want to become.

From there we'll develop a personal roadmap and include certain mile stones for progress assessment and celebration of achievements.

As your coach, I will dream, imagine, align, believe, and help you create a vision of a your immediate and future life that is so much brighter and bigger than the past that has limited you until now.

As your life coach, I do more than make plans and hold hands throughout our journey, I am your accountability partner and together you will be inspired to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

I've designed four coaching packages to meet every client’s specific business and life needs.


We believe so strongly that our content is for everyone that we created the QUALIFIER package. Congratulations, there is no cost to qualify and you get the benefit of the free content on this site and the many successful business people and entrepreneurs we learn from, here. There is plenty of free content here between “The Edict”, the Podcast and MaxTV and I'm certain you will benefit from all of it. In addition when you sign up as a Qualifier you will be invited from time to time for a free training or webinar where we'll teach a business skill or technique designed to help you Maximize Excellence and attract opportunity to your life.


I'm confident that after you've qualified, you won't be content to stay there. You just won't be able to.

Because you want more for your life and your family.
Life is not a spectator sport and you've come to realize there are those people that are more serious about living their dream than the average people that surround you; people like you who want to compete for more.

Your already qualified and engaged but now you'll want to see if you can be a “Finalist”. You'll want to prove you can take your life and business into the winners circle.

The client competing at the Finalist level is someone with a new idea for a business or product who wants to get in the game. They are just not sure where to go or how to start.
All you need is someone to show you the ropes. Someone to get you out of the blocks and on the right track. There's nothing worse than realizing that the reason you can't win is because you've been playing the wrong game all along.


Life itself is an opportunity to experience greatness, overcome its obstacles and master it's challenge. If your life and business have entered a new arena and you've found yourself with a sense of hesitation or uncertainty, Joe can offer the guidance required for you to become a Champion in success.

As you compete, Joe offers support and wisdom as your life coach, Joe helps his client reach his goals. Guided inward evaluations will reveal hidden motives, strengths, and weaknesses. A strategic plan will be developed to help the client dominate opportunities and threats between him and his goals.

Becoming a Champion is not for the faint of heart. It's for those who possess a full understanding of their competencies, beliefs, and values. The Champion client understands his abilities and desires and he's looking for more balance, deeper meaning, and greater significance the battle.

The man signing up to compete at this level understands that the reward is worth the effort. He needs to know how to finish, fully leaving everything else important in life intact and nothing and no one else behind on the field.


The Legend is the highest level of engagement. It’s a great metaphor for the level at which to live life: As a living Legend. Wisdom from Joe's 40-plus years of entrepreneurial/business experience is used to develop strategies you need to face complicated challenges and attract opportunities that only come to those who compete at this level.

Legends are those looking to grow their business, develop long-term strategic plans, and/or to strengthen their personal ideals. This package is designed to provide strategic navigation through the complex aspects of business and family dynamics present in life.

As a Living Legend you've reached the pinnacle of leadership, the following will be unpacked: skills, confidence levels, cultural Change, personality traits, uniqueness, and relationships. In addition, desire, purpose and self actualization will be revealed.

At the Legend level, we'll reveal a fundamental understanding of what propels a person to Legendary status. Honing select skills and implementing correct strategies that create success and sustainability that take the client to a level he never dreamed attainable.



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Individual Excellence Assessment
Ongoing Opportunity Optimization

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Champion Plus
Acquisition Germination
Cultural Transcendence
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