I have some pretty controversial ideals about life, work and business but they work! Let me share the one thing that will cause you to stand out from the crowd, rise above the competition and attract opportunity… It's Excellence.

Four Pillars Of Excellence

There are four pillars of excellence. Each of them foundational to attracting every positive opportunity to our life.

Understand this, the absence of any one of these characteristics, is the antithesis of excellence. We can agree, the fact you are here is in deed proof that you have a desire to Maximize Excellence in your life, work and business.

The Four Pillars Of Excellence are:


Whoever said “Character Counts” wasn't kidding!
Strong character traits will endear you to people.
Even people who don't know you, will find you easy to trust. They will want to build relationships with you and send opportunity your way, in both business and life.


We are social beings created for connection. Even those of us who like to be alone create connection from time to time. When you connect with someone through your art, your words or your deeds its as if you awaken something inside them that makes them feel special and you form a special bond with that person.


Whether you are a leader or a follower, an employee or and employer when you have a heart bent toward serving others that will lead to a place of plenty. Plenty of opportunity that is! Because people will recognize a sense of helpfulness about you that comes from a genuine place inside you. People who serve us not only help us solve our problems, they make us feel cared for.


Ideas are a dime a dozen and the ability to start something and finish it, that's a rare quality today. Commitment on the other hand is the staying power. Possess the ability to endure the “ups and downs” of the journey unto completion or implementation. Commitment is a common denominator of all great opportunities.