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We could all use “A Course in Excellence”!

Dr. Brian Dixon is no average Joe.  He is far “Above Average” because he found a way to schedule his work around his life instead of scheduling his life around his work.  Brian founded Amplify Publishers to help authors (or anyone else) with a message have a daily impact. He wanted to help people get their message to the ones who need to hear it. The decision to found his company caused him to attract Bigger and Better opportunities to his life time and again.
In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to create the solution to problems you have
  • How to get past the resistance you’re facing, to achieve success
  • How to make an impact on the “Mentors and Models” in your life and get results
  • How to make your Perfect Day come true

Excellent Quotes from this Episode

“Tomorrow Starts Today”
“Where you are, is where you’ve decided to be”
“You will find money, When you pursue your passion”
“We give out of our lack, Not out of our Abundance”
“The Pebble Rarely Sees The Ripple”
“Success Leaves Clues”

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One of the things I like best about interviewing successful people is learning what you took away from it to help you Maximize Excellence in your life:

Here's a Question: What does your perfect day look like?

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In this episode we mentioned the following resources:


  • Brian's Ted Talk – “How To Do Your Impossible”

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Joe Hicks is an experienced business leader, working entrepreneur, adjunct professor of business. More importantly, Joe is a Husband, Father, Grandfather (his grandkids call him PawPaw) and a guy that loves helping his friends.  Read more about him here.

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