I hereby voluntarily and without compensation authorize [] to record photographs and/or motion video of me, and/or to record my voice (collectively, any such photos, videos or recordings are referred to as the “Recording(s)”) and I hereby grant [] the right to use, display, reproduce, disseminate, modify, edit and publish the Recordings on its website, in publications, podcasts, the internet and in any form of media for promotional purposes, advertising, publicity, commercial or gratis public use or any other purposes. Furthermore, I agree that the “Recording(s)” are copyrighted material owned by [] and shall only be used with the express written permission of [].

Upon completion of production [] will provide you via e-mail a link to the edited show episode for your interview. I encourage you to share this link with all your contacts, promote the show (link) on your website and through all you social media networks too.

I agree that I have read this Consent and understand it, that I am over 18 years of age and agree that I am not entitled to royalties or compensation for the use of the Recordings.