7 Sure Fire Forces That Attract Opportunity To Your Life

Are you the one who believes, “Only the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”?

Here are 7 Sure Fire Forces That Attract Opportunity To Your Life.

Sometimes it feels like other people get all the breaks. We all know someone that meets that bill! No matter what kind of mess they fall into, they come out smelling like a rose.

The truth is, no matter how hard you work for something, there’s always “that one person” who just waltzes in and gets everything you’ve been working toward for years, handed to them.

“Seriously! That’s the person you gave the job to? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“That company doesn’t have nearly as much experience as ours does!” Yet they got the contract. Sound familiar?

Sound familiar?

The reality is, sometimes there are forces (prejudice, politics, personal bias, etc.)  at work behind the scenes & beyond our control. Circumstances that land you “outside looking in”.  While someone else steps up to eat your ice cream.

Those things will always exist in life and business and this post is to alert you to the fact that MaximizeExcelence.com exists to help you:

• overcome the natural human tendency to fall victim to a belief that attracting opportunity to your life is completely, out of our control. It’s NOT out of your control.

• take action and position yourself to beat the odds and overcome the negative forces that limit your success. with forces of your own, that will serve you well in your crusade for purpose and opportunity.

Opportunity is attracted to your life through your belief system.

What you tell yourself (your own state of mind) fuels the actions we take that gives rise to Bigger, Better opportunities coming your way bringing with it, your ultimate success.

BUT WAIT! Before you bounce from this site and discount it as one of those shallow, flaky, websites loaded with cerebral nonsense, hear me out.

All of the successful people you can think of, in life and business, great and small, are successful because of two things:

    First: They believe, “Success is possible”.

    Second: Their state of mind,  they know success is personally, possible for them & they believe they're entitled to it.

This caused them to take actions that attracted opportunities that otherwise would never have come.

Success means something different for us all. Therefore, your definition of it is relative to your values. However,  There are 7 distinct forces that attract and generate opportunity for you that lead you to success!

How exciting is that?

Your career ambition is totally, within your reach.

The opportunity that will bring your success simply awaits your grasp!

But how do you get it?  Where will it come from?  and How will you recognize it when it arrives?

All great questions and all questions that will be answered through the Excellence Edict (this blog) and

the Maximize Excellence Podcast.

There are 7 Sure Fire Forces That Attract Opportunity To Your Life.  Each force individually and collectively will work for you.

Each of these forces act like a conduit that channels opportunity back to your life.

The 7 Forces of Opportunity Attraction are:

1. Be Authentic

2. Be Creative

3. Be Passionate

4. Be Generous

5. Commit To Growth

6. Be Intentional

7. Have a Vision

Over the next several weeks we will deep dive into each of these forces.

I plan to break each of them down (in detail) to provide you, examples of how you can employ each of them (individually and collectively) to Maximize your Life and Career.

I will also provide action steps for you to take in those future posts.

Maximize Excellence Revealed

Hello and welcome to the Maximize Excellence Blog!

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Soon, you will be on your way to understanding just how you can attract more opportunity to your life and be that person we’re all so envious of.

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