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If you’re like most people today, you live in a constant struggle. You want to make a change for the better in your life but you’re just not sure how. You want to get that promotion, start your dream business and do your own thing. You want to live your life above average but you can’t seem to get the breaks you need to make it happen.

I remember being afraid that I’d never be successful enough to support myself (not to mention my wife and children). But some how it all “averages out”. Therein lies the problem. This site exists to help you live a life above average.



You see, the world has a way of keeping everyone stuck in the herd of mediocrity. Be honest, have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m just one person. I can’t make a huge difference.” or “I’ll just work this job until something better comes along” (but it never does). “I wish I had what it takes to start my own company.” or how about my personal favorite, “I wish I had the kind of good luck or good fortune that, ‘that person’ has!”

Don’t worry you're not alone. It’s normal to think those thoughts. That’s exactly how average people think. The problem is, before you know it, your “temporary” situation turns into something long term. If it’s not what you always wanted you start to feel trapped. Then after you feel trapped, you begin to just settle for less than what you were actually meant for. You begin to just blend in to a sea of average people, doing average things and you never accomplish your goals or live your dreams.

But you are obviously, NOT an average person. There’s something different about you. You're unique. Stay with me and let me explain.

By now, you’re probably wondering who is this guy? Well, my name is Joe Hicks and I am THE, Above Average Joe.

Welcome to Maximize Excellence! I'm excited you’re here because I believe you too, are Above Average.

Why do I believe that? Because you’re here!

This is my personal blog. It’s focused on encouraging people like you to live a life above average.

My mission is to help you get more from your job. Give more to your family. Jump start your career or businesses. And teach you to attract opportunities that will raise “the average” of your life.

I have inspired hundreds of people to rise above the temptation to just be average.  I've helped people to distinguish themselves as outstanding husbands, fathers leaders, workers and friends. We do this by over delivering in everything we do and I'll show you how too.

I started Maximize Excellence to help people. Because it is my life’s purpose to teach people how to attract opportunity and capitalize on it. Only then can you begin to actualize the future you want for yourself, your family and your company.

You’re already  taking time out of your day to visit this website (I believe) in search of something. You're searching for something more than what you've always had.

My hope is to build a relationship with you. I will help wherever I can by  providing insightful, relevant strategies that will help you rise above the masses.

If you are a leader—or just aspire to be the best you can be at what you do, then this site is for you.

I am the  host of the Maximize Excellence Show.  This is where we talk with successful leaders about these topics.


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My Biography

I’m neither a “C” level officer nor the President of the company but I have worked my way up from an entry level job to manage hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of people over my career.

That, is what I do and…

I am a teacher, mentor, coach, entrepreneur and a businessman. I love helping people Maximize Excellence in their life. I have mentored hundreds of students, colleagues, employees, friends and family members to achieve success and accomplish their goals…

This, is who I am!

I have passion for work & business and I must tell you that I DO NOT have all the answers but I will be here to help you avoid the slips, trips and falls that keeps you from realizing your full potential. I also give you this guarantee:

You can ask any questions about life or business and as your mentor I'll answer it, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

If you want a deeper relationship, I can be available for a deeper dive into your business and problem solve with you. Together we'll get the excellent results available for your business. I've benefited from excellent advice throughout my career; Advice from many leaders who are among the absolute best in their field and industry. I earned an MBA, a Masters of Project Management and more importantly, I know how to connect with people.

I have been married to my wife, Teresa, for thirty-five years. We have one son,one daughter, one grandson, and one granddaughter. We live outside of Chicago, Illinois.

In my free time, I enjoy writing, reading and the outdoors. I am a follower of Christ and I believe true christianity shows up in the way you treat people.

My Contact Information

You can contact with me via e-mail or follow me on Twitter or Facebook or

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My blog is built on WordPress (self-hosted). I use X-Theme, a premium WordPress theme. Amy Driebelbis took most of my personal photos. Some photos on this site are a compilation of multiple photos. Occasionally, I use Photoshop to help keep the vision of my business in front of me. I do this because I believe, if I can visualize what I want in my life I will be able to attain it and exceed what I've set out to do. For blog hosting, I recommend BlueHost. It is easy-to-use, reliable, and inexpensive. It also has superb, 24-7 support. It is the only hosting service I personally recommend.

Next Steps?

We’ll meet together on the Podcast and I'll share lessons learned in life and business. You can continue to visit the website here and I’ll provide resources that will assist you and help you Maximize your Excellence, help you save money and in some cases help you get free stuff. I will outline what you hear on the podcast in our show notes for your reference.

Our guests will share with us how they Maximize Excellence and became Above Average, in their own right. More importantly, these leaders will give us actionable items we can work on in our lives.

Their suggestions will lead us to win in our businesses and careers. We will learn how “The Seven Forces” of opportunity attraction played out in their life. I am the guy who’ll bring it all together. I want to be your mentor and accountability partner for success. You can leave your questions in a voice message (see tab on this page) and I will do my best to answer them on the show.

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