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Don’t Elude Excellence… Exude It!

There’s a ton of opportunity out there for everyday people like you and me. If you understand how to attract opportunity to your life, you can have more of what you really desire. If your desire is to follow your passion, live up to your potential and do more of what you love everyday, give yourself an edge.
You can get the promotion you want, open your dream business and become the leader you long to be within your company, community or even your own business.

The late Jim Rohn, renowned business expert and american entrepreneur taught us… spend time with People Of Excellence and you'll become like them!

“You are the average of the
five people you spend
the most time with.”
-Jim Rohn

So, let's spend time together and raise the collective Average of who we've decided to become. I want this site to be an encouraging resource for you and when you're ready to fully commit to the Excellence lifestyle, I'd love to see you on the inside. We are building an incredible fighting force of like minded people who battle the Enemies of Excellence to wipe-out “Average” in our lives.


Maximize Excellence Coaching


The IRS considers you a “Small business” owner until you reach $50M per year in revenue! That is mind boggling to most people. Starting a business is simple but it’s not easy.

I've watched for years, as people around me have settled for the life that was dealt to them without ever trying to change it. In the end, they realize that the only life skill they develop is their own coping skills. I believe your life is meant to be more than just an average existence hemmed together with a weak thread of coping mechanisms. I believe you  get to cast the deciding vote to live your life above average and there are specific steps you can take to accelerate the process.

Attract Opportunity To Your Life.


Qualify To Work With Joe


Yes it's a process and it's a process you can master yourself. The first step to maximizing your personal excellence is the longest stride but it's doable. Most people fail to realize that it's not possible for you to live a life larger than you are, for any sustainable period of time anyway. When you try, that's when things start coming apart at the seems in your career, your business, your finances and in your family.

The great news for us is… The past doesn't matter. Your fears can be overcome. The walls in your life can be broken down and you can grow yourself to accommodate a life that's as large as you want it to be! I've helped hundreds of people understand these principals. Many have gone on to get promotions they never dreamed possible, landed their dream job or even start, run and grow their own businesses, and raised the quality of their life above that of the average Joe.


If you're like most people today, you live in a constant struggle. You want to make a change for the better in your life but you're just not sure how. You want to get that promotion, start your dream business and do your own thing. You want to live your life above average but you can't seem to get the breaks you need to make it happen… I will teach you how to attract opportunity to yourself and your company so you can raise the average in your business and your life.